Chilled Ceilings   













Chilled Panels  
150mm - 300mm Wide


Panels finished in a primer for final painting on site by others with the first coat being applied prior to installation, or in a factory applied textured powdercoat to any standard colour.

Panels insulated with 50mm glass fibre class 'o' backed mattress.

Edges returned 21mm.

Connections are 75mm long copper tails.

Ceiling grid to be installed prior to panels.

Mass of 300mm Solray perimeter is 4.2kg/m.


      Solray Chilled Ceiling Panels offer designers a low-maintenance cooling option that is reliable and flexible. Designed with a flexible approach to modular control, the FDM Cooling Panels can be specially manufactured to integrate into the most demanding ceiling styles. The Solray design ensures an even spread of cooling whilst reducing the amount of ceiling tiles required to complete the system.

Solray Chilled Ceiling Panels are constructed from aluminium faceplates with copper waterway tubes that are located in profiled extrusions for maximum cooling transmission.