Electric Panels   













Electric Panels  
150mm - 400mm Wide


Panels finished in a primer for final painting on site by others with the first coat being applied prior to installation, or in a factory applied textured powdercoat to any standard colour.

Panels insulated with 50mm glass fibre class 'o' backed mattress.

Panels tested at works for earth continuity and insulation integrity.

Electric supply = 230V single phase as standard.

Leads to be secured to panel at works using p-clips.

Emissions based on 500W/m2. Others available if required.

Size of panel to suit emission required.


      Ceiling and Wall Panels
Solray also manufacture ceiling and wall panels using an electric heating element, secured to the rear. With this type of panel, Solray can offer clients and designers a wide range of heating shapes to suit individual client needs.

Ceiling Tiles
Solray offers a range of electrically heated drop-in ceiling tiles designed to fit into false ceilings.

Special Electric Panels
Solray can design Special Electric Panels for use at high level, where higher surface temperatures can be generated to increase heating performance.