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Repus are a Scandinavian company, who specialise in air quality for industrial and commercial buildings.   The company, based in Stockholm, are excellent at producing special units to suit client requirements.

HJ Aircon Limited have ensured that the Repus ventilation equipment is installed on a number of major projects. Support offered to designers, includes the assistance with design data and the help with developing 'special' units for manufacture.


Dublin Dental Hospital, Dublin

Supply of stainless steel displacement units to re-training clinic.  Units constructed of circular drum stainless steel perforated columns supplied from ceiling above.  Second Floor units also had internal duct to feed through floor to supply displacement columns in clinic below. 
All units tested and witnessed by Building Design Partnership in Repus test laboratories, Stockholm. All 28 units specials.

Consultant Building, Design Partnership
Mechanical Contractor H.A. O’Neil Limited

Stainless Steel Supply

Stainless Steel Supply
Stainless Steel Supply
Stainless Steel Supply

Wellington Hotel, Belfast

Units supplied to serve Hotel Conference Room.

Old Jameson Distillery, Smithfield, Dublin

Floor units supplied to serve Audio Visual room.  Units fitted to builder’s plenum, one outlet per seat to provide cooling and fresh air/micro climate to each occupant.

Consultant Delap & Waller
Mechanical Contractor Temec Limited
Displacement Ventilation Unit

New Extension - Shannon Airport, County Clare

Stainless steel special units supplied to each check-in desk, to supply cool air directly to each queue of passengers.
Large 2000 x 1200 mm units fitted to north wall to deal with cooling load.

Consultant McArdle McSweeney Associates
Mechanical Contractor H.A. O’Neil Limited

New Terminal.

Check in desk displacement ventilation.

Check in desk displacement ventilation.

Large displacement units back wall.

Check in end desks.

Large unit back wall.

Check in close up.

Main check in.

IMAX Cinema, Dublin

Displacement grilles fitted around each two seats to provide cooling/ventilation to each person.

Consultant Delap & Waller, Belfast
Mechanical Contractor PJ. Cloonan & Co. Ltd

University College Dublin Multi-Halls

Installation of large 1200 x 2000 panels to large hall area, to provide cooling plus ventilation to various uses.

Consultant VMRA, Dublin
Mechanical Contractor H.A. O’Neil Limited

Cork Opera House, Cork

Displacement panels to bar area to deal with cooling plus ventilation for intervals during performances.

Consultant VMRA, Cork
Mechanical Contractor John Horgan & Son, Cork

Main Building.

Displacement ventilation under bar.

Displacement ventilation under bar.

Displacement ventilation stair risers.

Displacement ventilation stair risers.


Cork Airport New Terminal

Consultant Jacobs
Mechanical Contractor Leo Lynchs


Supply of stainless steel circular units complete with carriers for FID'S including electrical trunking.

Units supplied with separate bases for separate installation of POD'S final fit out.