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Comyn Ching established more than one hundred years serving the radiant heating field.

HJ Aircon Limited is the only company in Ireland, providing full design, supply and installation of panel radiant heating. We can provide and install 'special' security type panels and sports hall panels.


St. Josephs of Cluny, County Dublin

Supply and installation of approx.  80 M² radiant panel to sports hall to provide heating to 16 degrees C  - output 40 Kw

Consultant Ewbank  Preece O’Heocha
Mechanical Contractor Mercury Engineering Limited
Sports Hall Radiant Panel


Cistercian College,  Roscrea, County Tipperary

Supply of approximately 96 ² radiant panel to sports hall to provide heating.

Consultant ARUP Engineering, Cork
Mechanical Contractor Suir Engineering Limited

Kilkenny Castle, County Kilkenny

Supply of Radiant heating to Boardroom.
Complete ceiling heated to low level temperature to conserve delicate wall fabric.

Consultant Office of Public Works
Mechanical Contractor P.J. Clonan & Co. Ltd. 
Radiant Heated Aluminium Panels to Complete Ceiling

Dail Eireann, Dublin

Heating panels to link building for new office space 1200 x 300 to fit ceiling grid.

Consultant Office of Public Works
Mechanical Contractor McGratton & Kenny

AIB 24 Hour Banking, Naas, County Kildare

Heated panels to office area for 24 hour banking operation.
Heating panels integrated into ceiling at 600-mm. Modules.

Consultant Cuthbert Condron
Mechanical Contractor Ashbrook, Engineering.
24 Hour Banking Centre, Naas

Ballydowd House Special Care School, Lucan, County Dublin

Supply and installation of aluminium radiant panels to sports hall and education block.
Supply and installation of steel secure panels to bedrooms – residential blocks.

Consultant Cuthbert Condron
Mechanical Contractor Mercury Engineering

Sports Hall

Sports Hall

General Office

Secure Bedroom

Old Jameson Distillery, Smithfield, Dublin

Floor units supplied to serve Audio Visual room.  Units fitted to builder’s plenum, one outlet per seat to provide cooling and fresh air/micro climate to each occupant.

Consultant Delap & Waller
Mechanical Contractor Temec Limited

Old Jameson Distillery Shop
Radiant Heat Panel

Cork Opera House, Cork

Units installed in each bar counter to supply cool and fresh air to large number of persons during intervals.
Units to provide fresh air lake with particular emphasis on separation of smoking areas to reduce cross contamination.
Radiant panels to façade atrium to offset losses through glass.

Consultant VMRA
Mechanical Contractor John Horgan & Son Ltd., Cork

Curved Radiant Panel

Curved Radiant Panel

Fingal Town Hall, Swords, County Dublin

Radiant panels to atrium to offset heat loss through single glazing and to prevent condensation.

Consultant Building, Design Partnership
Mechanical Contractor H.A. O’Neil Limited

Radiant Panels

Radiant Panels

Link Corridor, Dublin Airport, County Dublin

Radiant panel to offset perimeter losses in link corridor.

Consultant EEL
Mechanical Contractor Rotary Engineering