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                         Medium Duty Stainless Grille


                           Heavy Duty Stainless Grille

















Different Stainless Grilles
Exclusive to Fraser Engineering.New, lightweight,medium duty stainless grille. An elegant and modern addition to our range. The innovative construction results in a sturdy yet lightweight product offering a substantial saving over the heavy duty option. This grille is manufactured from bright annealed stainless mechanically fixed onto flexible Nylon-11 tubing, through which a stainless rod is inserted for extra strength and rigidity.

The heavy duty option can be used in all traffic areas and is exceptionally strong (see applications). This grille is constructed using specially selected 304 stainless bar and either Nylon-6 or stainless spacers. The bar and spacers are then assembled onto either M6 stainless studding or tensioned springs depending on application.