Wall Panels   













Floor Panels  
4 Guillotined Edges, 1 Coverplate


Panels finished in a primer for final painting on site by others with the first coat being applied prior to installation, or in a factory applied textured powdercoat to any standard colour.

Timber grounds by others.

Panels insulated with 50mm glass fibre class 'o' backed mattress.

Panels drilled at approximately 300mm centres for fixing with No.7 countersunk wood screws.

Connections are 15mm, 20mm or 25mm BSP sockets.

All edges guillotined.

Cover plate manufactured to site dimensions (TSD) after panels are fixed.

Panels tested to 700 kPa at works.

Panel mass is approximately 40 kg/m2.


      Solray Steel Wall Panels offer maximum floor lettable space without sacrificing strength. Robustly constructed, they are manufactured from mild steel in shapes to suit the designer's requirements, including panels that contour the perimeter of curved walls. Steel waterway tubes specially shaped in a 'D'profile along with 50mm insulation ensure efficient emission and heat direction.