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Zent Frenger are established in Germany as chilled ceiling and core cooling experts


HJ Aircon Limited are the only company in Ireland offering the supply and installation of chilled ceilings, including design and contracting as a turnkey project.


Hewlett Packard Printer Head Manufacturing Plant For Europe, Leixlip, County Kildare

HJ  Aircon Ltd., worked with VMRA, Cork. VMRA, Dublin and RKD Architects to design the chilled ceilings for the office area phase 2. 
HJ  Aircon Ltd. also supplied all the grilles and slot diffusers and integrated them with the chilled ceiling.   HJ installed the ceiling using our own contracting team.

Size of Project 2,500 Mē
Ceiling Type Metal Panels
Lay in 1200 x 600mm modules
Chilled Ceiling Capacity 40 W/Mē
Air Cooling 30  W/Mē

Hewlett Packard New Facility, Leixlip


Installed Chilled Ceiling - General Area


Slot Diffuser, incorporated into chilled ceiling



Library Building, R.T.E., Dublin

Supply and installation of chilled ceiling, chillers and pipework to existing building.

Consultant Turnkey Proj./HJ Aircon
Mechanical Contractor Turnkey Proj./HJ Aircon


Main Plant Installed by HJ Aircon

Chilled Ceiling

RTE Chilled Ceiling Tiles.